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Salon Services

Learn more about the services our talented professional staff have to offer. All of our stylists are at different price points based on their demand of time, so you are guaranteed great service that fits within your beauty budget.

** Please note that all of our services are a la carte.
** Chemical/color services do not include blowdry prices if you are not receiving a haircut.
** There may be an additional color or product charge depending on thickness of hair if additional color is needed.
** Stiletto Salon offers both Dreamcatchers and SoCap extensions. Please call for a complimentary consultation with one of our certified specialists.

Skin Treatments

Custom Facial (60 minutes) $65
A skin treatment customized to each individuals concerns.

Refining Facial (60 minutes) $80
A skin refining treatment to help smooth, renew skin, and slow down the aging process. Use of alpha hydroxy acids. Includes deep Enzyme exfoliation.

Brighten & Restore (60 minutes) $70
Antioxidant rich Vitamin C is used to brighten and even skin tone along with preventing fine lines/wrinkles.

Clarity Facial (60 minutes) $75
A skin treatment focused on detoxing the skin to help prevent and reduce blemishes, oil, and inflammation. Deep enzyme exfoliation and pore extractions included.

Skin Revive (30 minutes) $35
An express facial to deep clean the pores and renew the skin.

Skin peel treatment (20 minutes) $25
A deep skin exfoliation using the power of natural fruit acid enzymes and a professional refining lactic acid peel. This goal is to target skin concerns including sun damage, uneven skin tone, textured skin, enlarged pores, and fine lines.

Enzyme Exfoliation Add On $5

Lactic Acid Peel Add On $10

Lactic Peel Package (Series of five treatments) $100

Dermaplane (40 minutes) $55

Dermaplane & Enzyme Exfoliation (50 minutes) $60

Dermaplane & Enzyme Exfoliation & Peel (60 minutes) $80

Dermaplane Facial (80 minutes) $100

Dermaplane Facial & Peel (90 minutes) $120

Body Waxing

American Bikini $30 (removes hair outside panty line)
French Bikini $45 (removes most hair from the front)
Brazilian $45 (removes all hair front and back)
Hollywood $20 (just the backside)
Full Leg $60
Half Leg $40
Full Arm $50
Half Arm $35
Under Arm $20
Full Chest $55
Full Back $55
Eyebrow $18
Upper Lip $13
Nose $13
Cheek $13
Ear $13
Chin $7

Spray Tanning $40

Pre-Spray Tan

  • Exfoliation is key! 90% of the time your spray tan is blotchy or uneven, has more to do with your skin than the technician spraying you! To ensure an even tan and even fading, exfoliate 48hrs before you spray tan. Hands, wrists, elbows, knees and feet are key areas not to miss!
  • Waxing or shaving should be done the day before your spray tan.
  • Come with a clean, make up free face, no perfume, deodorant or body lotion, all of these will affect the outcome of your spray tan.
  • Wear loose fitting, dark clothing-nothing tight to ensure the spray tan doesn’t rub off. The cosmetic bronzer may get on your clothes but washes right out!
  • You may spray tan in whatever you chose, your birthday suit, bathing suit, panties and bra-whatever you are comfortable with.

Post-Spray Tan

  • Once you get sprayed, you cannot get wet or it will stop the development of your tan!
  • Shower 24 hours after your spray to ensure full development of your tan.
  • Apply a gentle moisturizer every day to keep your skin hydrated and prolong your tan.

*We can not accept gratuity on credit cards, sorry for any inconvenience.
*Cancellation Policy: If you need to change or cancel a reservation, we ask you do that before 24 hours to avoid a $50 rescheduling fee. The only credit card we do not accept is American Express. We don’t accept personal checks.
*If for any reason you are not satisfied with your stylists haircare recommendations you may exchange for another haircare product within 10 days of purchase.
*Here at Stiletto, we love children, but the salon is not a safe place for them unless they are receiving services. We ask that you please leave children at home.
*If you are unsure what you need or would like we would be happy to help schedule your visit for you or a complimentary consultation. For Makeup, Up Styling, Special Occasion and Bridal, please call the salon.